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Sharing my passion with you, one personalized piece at a time!

Who are Aaron & Otto? Aaron, my 4-year-old son, and Otto, my Cockapoo sidekick, are the namesakes behind Aaron & Otto. They are the cutest models, if I do say so myself, even if one has four legs!

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During the pandemic, I experienced what many of us did—idle time at home! So, I tapped my creative background and imagination to launch Aaron & Otto to close family and friends. My custom creations began to spread among mom friends, toddler pals, party goers and gift givers, and before I knew it, I turned my pandemic project into a full-on business. I pride myself on standing apart from the rest because of my customer experience. While I provide ideas and inspiration, I will work intimately with you to make the perfect product for your little one. 



Boy with dog in jean jackets
Women creating custom kids bags in NICU tshirt
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When Aaron was born, he spent time in the NICU, which inspired me to become a board member for NICU Awareness and to give back to the generous souls that pour their hearts into making a difference. Every month I donate a portion of my sales to an exclusive charity partner that does wondrous work. Check out my Instagram to see which foundation I support each month. 

Aaron & Otto | Personalized children's apparel

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